Easter Holidays 2017

Is Good Friday a Public Holiday? A question we receive many times around this time of year.

The answer is No, Good Friday is not a Public Holiday, however it is in fact a Bank Holiday and can be counted as annual leave if an employee does not work it. An employer is not under any obligation to give their employees a day off, however some employers choose to do so as a good will gesture. The phrase ‘Bank Holiday’ has no legal meaning.  Bank holidays are where banks and schools close for the day.

There are nine Public Holidays in Ireland:

  1. New Years Day 1st January
  2. St. Patrick’s Day – 17th March
  3. Easter Monday
  4. First Monday in May
  5. First Monday in June
  6. First Monday in August
  7. Last Monday in October
  8. Christmas Day – 25th December
  9. St Stephens Day – 26th December

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