How is your Credit Record Checked?

You can access your individual ICB credit record by contacting the Irish Credit Bureau 01 2600388 or visit their website If an individual finds their credit record is inaccurate, they can demand that it be rectified, either by changing the inaccurate details on record, or by adding a note that puts the information into proper context.

A credit record gives a number of different profiles for individual accounts, showing the performance of the borrower in making repayments for each of the previous 24 months. The Payment Profile is the key indicator of performance. It also shows arrears that have built up at different stages of the credit agreement period. Financial Institutions pay particular attention to the Payment Profile and Balance amount when considering applications for credit.

An individual enters into a credit agreement when applying for a mortgage, personal loan, leasing contract or higher purchase agreement. The ICB ‘Irish Credit Bureau Limited’ was established in 1965 by a number of financial institutions. Where an individual enters a credit agreement with an ICB member, details of the individual’s performance in complying with the terms of the agreement are input to the ICB “credit file” database, which may be accessed by all member institutions of ICB.

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